Berlitz Virtual Classroom (BVC)

Where you are, that's Berlitz.

Berlitz Virtual Classroom (BVC) not only makes all learning programs in real face-to-face classrooms available online, but also allows learners to make the most of their classes through a personalized online learning portal.

| Class features |

  • Experience the same quality class online as the Berlitz face-to-face class
  • Berlitz Method® delivered online
  • Interactive, interactive classes conducted online with Berlitz's certified professional instructors
  • Save time and money with classes wherever you are
  • It is easy to adjust the schedule according to the learner's schedule, allowing customized learning according to the purpose and period
  • Using and learning Berlitz learning content through sharing the learning page (Virtual Board) with instructors
  • Students can take foreign language classes other than English (Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Russian, etc.)
  • Only prices vary for Spanish, French, German, Russian.

| Recommended for these people |

  • Want to study a foreign language regardless of time and place
  • Need flexibility in schedule, location, and class progress
  • Desire to achieve their goals at a pace that suits their abilities
  • Prefer customized classes tailored to their unique needs and purposes
  • Are unable to attend or are uncomfortable with face-to-face classes

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