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1. Berlitz Method ®

The Berlitz Method is the fastest and most effective way to learn a new language.

The Berlitz Method, which has been innovated for over 140 years and has become the academic foundation of many foreign language education companies and institutions, emphasizes learning methods that focus on speaking and listening to naturally improve writing and reading skills.

We provide the best learning effect according to the PPP Cycle (Presentation - Practice - Performance). The basic structure and important grammar of the language are naturally learned in words, and after laying a solid foundation through sufficient practice, it helps to build new skills on top of it.

2. Personalized learning

Berlitz does its best to achieve the goals of each learner.

After analyzing the level and goal of the learner through accurate and proven Berlitz level evaluation, which is used as an indicator of language proficiency around the world, appropriate courses are placed accordingly, and the style and progress of the learner are maintained through periodic feedback and consultation during the course. Tailor the class to suit you. Upon completion of the target course, a final level is assessed to check progress and a Berlitz Certificate of Achievement is issued.

3. Proven professional native speaker instructor

Great instructors are a key strength of Berlitz.

Through its own instructor selection system and training, Berlitz ensures that all instructors effectively operate the Berlitz teaching method to successfully achieve learners' goals. Berlitz instructors are passionate about helping learners achieve their goals.

엄격한 벌리츠 글로벌 기준에 따라 선발 / 어학 전공 학사 및 자격증 소지

비즈니스 실무 경력자 / Instructor Qualification Program(IQP) 과정 이수

정기 트레이닝 및 워크숍 진행/ 원어민 교수부장에 의한 정기 모니터링

4. Various study programs

Berlitz has a variety of in-house training programs, from face-to-face classes to video classes and online lectures.

Through offline as well as online programs, you can learn freely anytime, anywhere, regardless of time and place.

5. Reliable quality control

During its 140-year history, Berlitz has grown into a trusted company for providing the best language training.

We have provided language education through the Berlitz Method® to tens of millions of people around the world, and have contributed to communication in a global environment through cultural consulting and leadership training. Berlitz will make ceaseless efforts through continuous quality control and innovation.

Real testimonials from students


I started studying English while considering a career change. I chose Berlitz because of the systematic English learning Method with professional native-speaking instructors. Currently, I am having one-on-one lessons tailored to my needs, and I am highly satisfied with the intensive English learning.

Choi Ji-yeon

Head of Marketing Department, Education Consulting Company


Berlitz is the best language school! I have been studying English at Berlitz for the first year, and I feel that my English is improving day by day. Thank you to the native teacher who always helps me!

Sookyung Lee

College student


I am studying English in group classes. I have been able to learn and understand various cultures, thoughts, and accents in a variety of ways through classes with many teachers. All the teachers I met gave systematic and professional lectures without missing a single one. provided.

Jieun Hwang

ESL Specialist


I am taking a 1:1 Korean class. My teacher taught me flexible expressions that fit my situation, so I use them well in real life. The biggest advantage of Berlitz classes is that you don't have to stress during lectures. It is because the teacher provides lectures that are suitable for my situation and level.


American living in Seoul


I am in charge of Corporate Social Innovation (Corporate Social Innovation) at a foreign company. Before taking courses at Berlitz, I felt difficulties when I encountered professional English at work or when writing public documents, but now I am doing my job well without any problems through Berlitz classes. I will continue to take classes in the future!

Jeongju Seo

Global Business Specialist

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