1. The Berlitz Method ®

The Berlitz Method is the fastest and most effective way to learn a new language.

For over 140 years, Berlitz Method has become the academic foundation of many foreign language education companies and institutions, allowing for a natural way to learn vocabulary and grammar. This is a learning method that can also improve your writing and reading skills by focusing on speaking and listening.

Berlitz uses the PPP cycle: Presentation-Practice-Performance. With this structure, a foundation can be set upon which learners can steadily build new skills.

2. Bespoke learning

Berlitz is committed to achieving learning goals and outcomes.

Analyze and evaluate learners through accurate and proven Berlitz level assessments, which has become the corporate standard for language proficiency around the world. Courses are tailored based on Berlitz assessments and personal goals of learner. Classes are delivered to suit the student's style and progress with regular feedback and consultation throughout the course. Upon completion of a Berlitz level, a final level assessment is administered to check progress and to award a Berlitz Certificate of Achievement.

Program design tailored to learners

Learning process monitoring and analysis

Achieve goals and set further goals

3. Certified, native-speaking professional instructors

Instructors are at the core of the Berlitz Method.

Its instructor selection system and training program allows Berlitz to ensure that instructors can effectively operate the Berlitz teaching method to achieve learner outcomes. Berlitz instructors are passionate about supporting and enabling learners to reach their personal and professional goals.

4. Diversified programs

Berlitz leverages digital programs and assessments to create hybrid learning opportunities that can further support personalized and customized learning experiences. Options range from purely asynchronous, self-paced learning programs to intensive immersion programs that can be delivered in an online-offline combination, tailored to student requests and needs.

5. Time-test and reliable

As one of the oldest and largest foreign language teaching institutions in the world, Berlitz has grown to be a trusted company with the highest quality control and service delivery.

We have provided language education through the Berlitz Method® to tens of millions of people, and have contributed to improving communication in our globalized workplaces through cultural consulting and leadership training. Berlitz will continue to strive for excellence through continuous quality control and innovation.



“I’ve been studying English at Berlitz over the past year and I can still see the progress I am making each day. The native-English speaking teachers are a huge help. Thank you!”


<transcy>University Student</transcy>


“I’m currently enrolled in a group class for English. I am able to learn from a variety of cultures, thoughts and accents. All my instructors have been professional, passionate and supportive in my goals.”


<transcy>ESL Professional</transcy>


“I take 1:1 Korean language courses and I find the content and material help me in my daily life here in Korea. One of the best things about Berlitz is that it is stress-free. Teachers are always understanding and accommodating. And the schedule is always changing to meet my busy schedule.”


<transcy>American living in Seoul</transcy>


“I am in charge of Corporate Social Innovation for a foreign firm. Prior to taking classes at Berlitz, I had trouble communicating in a professional environment and writing official emails and presentations. Now thanks to Berlitz, I am more confident and perform better in my duties. I plan to continue taking more classes in the future!”

<transcy>Jeong Ju</transcy>

<transcy>Global business professional&nbsp;</transcy>

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sslc@berlitz. com

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Sat 9:00am - 4:30pm

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