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It is a 2:1 small group class in which two people, friends, colleagues, and family, learn a new language together in the most ideal way.

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Semi Private

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* 1 class: 80 minutes (40 minutes class - intermediate break - 40 minutes class)

* Customers who want to take long-term classes can take 32 classes at a discount.


* Course Duration (+grace period):

- 1 lesson: 1 month

- 25 lessons: 3 month (+1 month)

- 50 lessons: 6 month (+2 month)

2:1 수업

Semi-Private in person

The Semi Private class in Berlitz is the ideal way for two people - friends, colleagues and family - to learn a new language together.

Small group classes not only enable learning concentration and flexible schedule management equivalent to individual classes,

You can improve your foreign language skills comfortably and quickly at the pace of two learners.

Experience a comfortable and enjoyable class with someone close to you.

Class Features

Two-on-one class with close family/friends/colleagues

Optimization class according to Berlitz Method®

Selected native speakers through the training system

Flexible scheduling based on your and your partner's learning speed and schedule

Reasonable tuition

1 Level package, using a systematic Berlitz textbook consisting of 64 Lessons

You can take foreign languages other than English (Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Russian, etc.)

Recommended for these people

Who feels pressured about 1:1 private classes

Who wants to improve your language skills with someone close to them

Who wants to study with someone who has similar language levels

Who wants customized classes for a special purpose

Who wants to improve their confidence and language skills quickly

Who is looking for flexibility in schedule/place/progress, etc

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