Corporate private classes

임직원 개인수업

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Based on the proven Berlitz Method®it is a customized 1:1 class with a curriculum optimized for the purpose and situation of corporate executives and employees.

임직원 개인수업

Class Feature 01.
Individually optimized classes according to the world-class Berlitz Method ®
임직원 그룹수업
세미나 및 워크샵
Class Feature 02.
Classes with native Berlitz instructors carefully selected through Berlitz's recruitment and training system
Class Feature 03.
Customized individual learning according to the purpose and target period of language learning according to the business situation and plan of the company executives and employees
벌리츠 국제 캠프
임직원 그룹수업
Class Feature 04.
Systematic course management to help course managers work ( provision of monthly attendance status , individual reports, etc. )
Class Feature 05.
Courses in languages other than English are available ( Korean , Japanese , Chinese , Spanish , French , German , Russian, etc. )
임직원 개인수업

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