Terms of service

Chapter 1: General Provisions)

Article 1 (Purpose)

These terms and conditions are intended to stipulate the terms and conditions of use of the online information provision service (hereinafter referred to as'service') provided on the website of Berlitz Korea (www.berlitz.co.kr).

Article 2 (Effect and Change of Terms and Conditions)

(1) It takes effect by disclosing the contents and changes of this agreement to the member.

(2) The company may change the terms and conditions when there is a policy change or important operational reason, and the changed terms and conditions become effective in the same way as in paragraph 1.

(3) If the contents of the terms and conditions are changed, deleted or added, the company will notify the members through the service announcement without delay.

Article 3 (rules other than the terms and conditions)

For matters not specified in these terms and conditions, it is subject to the provisions of related laws.

Article 4 (definition of terms)

The definitions of terms used in these terms and conditions are as follows.

(1) Service: Refers to the online information provision service provided by the company.

(2) Members: Real-name individuals and corporations or organizations equivalent to corporations that have signed a service use contract with the company.

(3) Member ID: A combination of English letters and numbers selected by the member and given by the company for member identification and service use.

(4) Password: When using the service, it is a combination of alphabetic characters and numbers selected by the member to check whether the member ID and the member match, and to protect the member's confidentiality.

(5) Termination: The company or member expresses the intention to terminate the service use contract after the service is opened.

Chapter 2 (member registration and use of services)

Article 5 (establishment and unit of use contract)

(1) The use contract is established when the company approves the use of the application for use by the person who wishes to use the service.

(2) The use contract is concluded by member ID.

(3) In the case of large-scale use of the service or special use of the service, it is provided under a separate use contract, and if a group subscription is required due to the company's policy, it is provided through a group subscription contract.

(4) When a member subscribes to a member through the company homepage, the information may be shared on the site operated by the company and used for service purposes.

Article 6 (application for use)

(1) A person who wishes to use the service applies for membership by filling in member information according to the registration form set by Berlitz Korea and expressing their intention to agree to these terms and conditions.

(2) The person who wishes to use the service must apply under his or her real name, and the company must process the subscription with the consent of the member.

Article 7 (approval of application for use)

(1) The company will approve the application for use according to the order of receipt if there is no business obstacle to the person who wishes to use the service pursuant to Article 6.

(2) When the company approves the application for use, it notifies the member of the following matters through wired or wireless service.

① Member ID

② Service start date

③ Matters concerning the rights, responsibilities and protection of rights and interests of members

④ Other matters deemed necessary by the company

Article 8 (Disapproval and Restriction on Acceptance of Application for Use)

(1) If the company is aware of any of the following items, it will not approve the application for use of the service.

① Application in the name of another person

② When the contents of the application form are falsely entered

③ When the application is made for the purpose of hindering the well-being of society or order or morals

④ In case it is difficult to approve the use due to other reasons attributable to the applicant

(2) The company may restrict the acceptance of the application for use in the following cases, and may not accept it until the reason is resolved.

① In case of equipment and technical difficulties

(3) If the application for use is disapproved or restricted pursuant to Paragraph 1 or 2, the Company shall notify the applicant or his/her agent. However, this is not the case if the notification cannot be made due to reasons that the applicant is responsible for, such as intentional or negligence.

Article 9 (member ID cannot be changed)

Even if the user requests to change the member ID, the registered member ID cannot be changed.

Chapter 3 (service provision and use)

Article 10 (Start date of service provision)

The company's service provision start date is the date of signing the contract, and other details are subject to the terms and conditions for each service.

Article 11 (Service Hours)

(1) The use of the service is in principle 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, unless there is a business or technical problem of the company. However, the company may set the available time for each database, and in this case, the content is determined by the company and posted on the service or disclosed separately.

(2) Notwithstanding the provisions of Paragraph 1, the use of the service may be exceptionally restricted on the day or time set by the company due to the need for periodic inspection, etc.

Chapter 4 (Obligations of Contracting Parties)

Article 12 (Company's Obligation)

(1) The company is obligated to provide the service continuously and stably as stipulated in these terms and conditions, except for the reasons specified in Article 11 and Article 16, Paragraph 1.

(2) The company shall maintain and maintain the system related to the service provision in an operational state at all times, and if a system failure or loss occurs, it shall repair and restore it without delay.

(3) The company may not disclose or distribute the personal information of members acquired in connection with the provision of services to other people (other than the company) without prior consent of the person, and cannot be used for purposes other than the company's service-related business. However, this is not the case if it falls under any of the following subparagraphs.

① When requested by related agencies for investigation purposes under related laws

② When there is a request from the Information Communication Ethics Committee

(4) If the company deems that opinions or complaints raised by members are justifiable, the company must deal with them immediately. However, if immediate processing is difficult, the member must be notified of the reason and processing schedule by service, telephone, or writing.

(5) The company endeavors to provide the convenience of the member in the procedures and contents related to the member's contract, such as the conclusion of the use contract, change and termination of the contract information

Article 13 (Member's Obligations)

(1) Members must comply with these Terms and Conditions and related laws, and must not engage in any other acts that interfere with the company's business performance.

(2) Members must immediately notify the company through service or telephone if the application for use such as address and contact information is changed.

(3) Members shall not copy, reproduce, modify or translate the information obtained using the service without the consent of the company and provide it to others.

(4) Members cannot conduct business activities using the service unless approved by the company.

(5) The member shall not engage in any of the following acts, and if applicable, the company may delete the post or restrict the use of all or part of the service.

(6) Members must comply with these Terms and Conditions and related laws, and must not engage in any other acts that interfere with the company's business performance.

① Acts for the purpose of criminal activities or teachers of criminal activities

② Actions for the purpose of performing anti-national actions

③ Good manners and other acts that harm social order

④ Acts that damage the reputation of others or give disadvantages

⑤ Dissemination of hacking, computer virus programs, etc. to the system

⑥ Acts that infringe the intellectual property rights of other members or third parties

⑦ Actions contrary to the intention of the recipient, continuously transmitting advertising information or sending and receiving a large amount of data, posting postings, or other healthy use of services that interfere with the stable operation of the service.

Article 14 (service use responsibility)

(1) Members use the service under their own responsibility, and even if there is a disadvantage due to selection of service materials or use of the service, the user is responsible for this.

(2) Members are responsible for the contents of the data posted or transmitted by the member using the service.

(3) The member is responsible for negligence in the management and use of the member ID and password notified to the member, or for illegal use by a third party. However, this is not the case if there is a gross negligence in the management of the company.

Article 15 (prohibition of transfer, etc.)

Members cannot lend, transfer, or donate the right to use the service to another person, and cannot use it for the purpose of pledge.

Chapter 5 (Restrictions and Suspension of Service Use)

Article 16 (restriction and suspension of service)

(1) In case of war, incident, natural disaster, or any other unavoidable reason, such as when a national emergency occurs or is likely to occur, or when there is other unavoidable reason, such as the suspension of telecommunication services by a telecommunication service provider under the Telecommunications Business Act, all services are provided. Or you can limit or stop some.

(2) The company shall notify the member without delay when all or part of the service is restricted or suspended in accordance with the provisions of Paragraph 1.

Article 17 (restrictions on service use and processing procedures)

(1) The company may restrict the use of all or part of the service in the following cases.

① When the member's obligations specified in Article 13 are not fulfilled

② In case of applying using another person's name or pseudonym, in case of obtaining approval for service use by falsely entering the contents of the application

③ In case of illegal use of another person's member ID

④ Violation of laws and regulations related to telecommunications

⑤ When the Information Communication Ethics Committee recommends certain sanctions in accordance with the ethics review

Article 18 (Restriction on Posts by Members) The company may delete the contents of the service posted or registered by the member without prior notice if it is determined that the contents of the service fall under each of the following items.

(1) In the case of content that defames the company, other members, or a third party, or defames by slander

(2) If the content violates public order and public promise

(3) If the content is recognized as being linked to a criminal act

(4) In case of content that infringes other rights such as copyrights of the company or a third party

(5) In case of violating other related laws or regulations set by the company

Chapter 6 (compensation for service damage, etc.)

Article 19 (Compensation for damages to members)

(1) In the event that a member inflicts damage to the company by violating the obligations stipulated in Article 13, the company may claim damages against the member.

(2) The procedure when the company makes a claim for damages against the member is in accordance with the company's regulations.

Chapter 7 (Company's Disclaimer)

Article 20 (Company's Disclaimer)

(1) The Company shall not be held liable for any disadvantages arising from the member's failure to obtain the expected profits from the Company's service provision or the selection or use of service materials.

(2) The company is not responsible for any obstacles in the use of the service due to reasons attributable to members.

(3) The company is not responsible for the contents of the data registered or transmitted by the member.

Chapter 8 (Provision of Information)

Article 21 (provision of information)

The company may provide a variety of information that the member deems necessary while using the service to the member by e-mail or letter mail.

Article 22 (Change and Addition of Service Contents)

The company may add, change, or delete the service content if it is deemed necessary, and if additional notices to members occur due to this, the company will notify the content.

Article 23 (Intellectual Property Rights)

(1) Members are responsible for the rights and responsibilities of materials posted on the service, and the company cannot use them commercially without the consent of the members. However, for non-commercial purposes, it can be posted within the service.

(2) You cannot use all or part of the materials, services, software, trademarks, etc. for which the company has intellectual property rights, without the written consent of the company, or conduct commercial use.

Chapter 9 (Competent Court)

Article 24 (Competent Court)

In the event of a dispute regarding the service, the court having jurisdiction over the headquarters of the company shall be the competent court.

Supplementary provisions (effective date)

These terms will be effective May 1, 2006.