Private classes

This is a one-on-one, face-to-face class that is tailored to individual goals and circumstances.

You can adjust programs and schedules individually according to your schedule and goals, and you can improve your foreign language skills quickly and comfortably according to your learning pace.

Immediate feedback from instructors and sophisticated analytic reports ensure the achievement of foreign language proficiency goals.

| Class Features |

  • Personalized lessons according to the world-class Berlitz Method ®

  • Classes with Berlitz native speakers selected through the Berlitz recruitment and training system

  • Scheduling can be organized according to your own learning speed and schedule

  • Individual learning tailored to the individual learning purpose and target period

  • 1 Level Package, systematic use of Berlitz textbooks consisting of 50 Lessons

  • Foreign languages other than English available (Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Russian, etc.)

| I recommend these people |

  • Those who want to learn a foreign language in depth 1:1

  • Those who want to achieve their goals at a pace that suits their abilities

  • Those who want a customized class to meet their special needs and purpose

  • Those who want to improve their confidence and language skills in a short time

  • Those who want flexibility in schedule, location, and class progress

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