[Business English Conversation] 'As a rule' in English?

[비즈니스 영어 회화] '원칙대로' 영어로?

The last week of October has already arrived.

Are you all ending October well?

Today is the fall season of reading

I brought business English conversational expressions related to the book!

What kind of expression?

[벌리츠 코리아] 비즈니스 영어 회화 표현 : By the book

Today's business English conversation expression is

By the book


By the book..? What does that mean?

[벌리츠 코리아] 비즈니스 영어 회화 표현 - By the book 뜻은? : 원칙대로

By the book, this expression is

[벌리츠 코리아] 비즈니스 영어 회화 표현 - By the book : 원칙대로, 규칙대로

As a rule

As a rule

, etc. It is used to handle certain things thoroughly according to the rules!

This is an expression often used in business situations,

If you think of doing things according to the textbook, you will memorize them better, right?

How will it be used in real work?

Let's learn more through examples!

[벌리츠 코리아] 비즈니스 영어 회화 표현 - By the book 예문 (example)

The auditor wants us to do everything by the book.

The auditor wants us to do everything on principle.

My boss is really strict. He always does things by the book.

My boss is strict. He always gets things done.

The team didn't do things by the book, so their manager was really upset.

The team didn't do anything according to the rules and their manager was very upset.

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