[Business English Conversation] 'make up' in English?

[비즈니스 영어 회화] '구성하다' 영어로?


This is Berlitz Korea.

October has passed and now it's November!

I wasn't even ready for autumn yet

Already, Christmas lights and Christmas calendars seem to be popping up everywhere.

At this time, the company is busy preparing for the end of the year.

A new team will be formed to prepare for the year-end project, right?

So, what expression did you prepare for today's business English conversation?

벌리츠 코리아 비즈니스 영어회화 표현 : Put together 뜻은? 팀을 구성하다, 꾸리다

Put together

It is


Put together, This expression is an English conversational expression used to mean to form a team,

In addition to this, it is used in various ways in business situations.

벌리츠 코리아 영어회화 표현 : Put together 다양한 뜻은? 팀을 꾸리다, 구성하다, 준비하다, 만들다

In addition to forming and organizing the aforementioned team




This is a business English conversation expression often used at work and in various meanings!

Then, let's see how Put together is used in everyday life through examples?

벌리츠 코리아 비즈니스 영어회화 표현 : Put together 예문

Do you have time to put together a presentation for tomorrow?

Do you have time to prepare for tomorrow's presentation?

I'm putting together a team for an important project and I would like you to join.

I'm building a team for an important marketing project, and I'd like to see you join me.

We've put together a list of potential clients for your consideration.

I've compiled a list of prospects for you to consider.

Business English conversation expression 7th post

Put together frequently used but confusing business English expressions at work!

How was it?


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