[Business English Conversation] 'Take over' in English?

비즈니스 영어 회화 필수 표현 Take overd의 뜻은? 인계하다


This is a business English conversation post by Berlitz Korea in the third week of October.

'take over'

How to say it in English?

Not sure?

So I brought it!

Berlitz Korea's business English conversation expression in the third week of October is just that!

비즈니스 영어 회화 표현 Take over, 무슨 뜻일까요? 가져오다? 넘어서?

Take over

is !

비즈니스 영어 회화 표현 Take over의 뜻은? - '인계받다'

Take over is

to inherit something,

This is a frequently used business English conversational expression when taking over a job at a company,

Let's look at the various meanings of

Take over

Take over의 다양한 뜻? - 인계받다, 인계하다, 물려받다, 인수인계하다, (정권·정당 등을) 탈취[장악]하다, 대체하다, 이어받다, 물려받다

Take over

Take over

Take over

Take over

To seize [seize] (government, political party, etc.)





It has various meanings.

Multiple meanings Take over,

Let's learn more about how it is used in the workplace through an example sentence?

비즈니스 영어회화 표현 Take over의 예문

Would you be interested in taking over my role when I retire?

Are you willing to take on my role when I retire?

Rachel took over this project at the end of last month.

Rachel acquired the project at the end of last month.

We're thinking of having Joseph take over as the head of HR.

I plan to appoint Joseph as the head of human resources.

Business English fold 5th post

Take over frequently used but confusing business English expressions at work!

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