[Business English Conversation] 'to mention' in English?

벌리츠의 비즈니스 영어 회화 표현, '언급하다'를 영어로? Bring up

A fresh start Tuesday, I brought a new post!

What is today's business English conversation expression?

How to say 'mention' in English?

Many people will think of Mention,

For richer and more natural English conversations, I brought other English expressions that are used a lot in the company!





비즈니스 영어 회화 표현 : Bring up, 무슨 뜻일까?

Bring up


비즈니스 영어 회화 표현 : Bring up - 언급하다

Bring up,

When used in a company, it means 'to mention'!

비즈니스 영어 회화 표현 : Bring up - 언급하다

'referred to'

When you think of , the first word that comes to mind is 'Mention', right?

In addition to the expression 'Mention', which is commonly used to mean 'to mention',

If you express yourself in a variety of ways, you can use more natural English conversations!

Then let's learn more through examples, shall we?

비즈니스 영어 회화 표현 : Bring up - 언급하다 / 예문 (Examples)

That’s a sensitive topic. I wouldn't bring it up if I were you.

That's a sensitive subject. If I were you, I wouldn't mention it.

That's what I told them, but I promised I'd bring up the issue with you.

I said so too, but I promised to talk to you about this issue.

Could you bring that issue up at the meeting tomorrow?

Would you mind addressing the matter at the next meeting?

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Bring up frequently used business English expressions at work!

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