[Business English Conversation] 'Bancha' or 'Bancha Write' in English?

[비즈니스 영어 회화] '반차' '반차쓰다' 영어로?

Hello, this is Berlitz Korea.

Tired Monday morning,


'Would you like to write a half difference...?'

came to mind.

'I'm not feeling well today, so I'll use half of it.'

How would you say

in English...? Half vacation..?

I prepared this for those of you who don't know how to use the word "half"!

A must-know expression for every office worker!


Take a half day off

is !


Take a half day off, this expression is


Using the half difference

This is an English conversational expression meaning .

If you are an office worker, you must! It's an expression you need to know, right?

Then let's see how it is used through examples?

I'm going to take a half day off tomorrow to relax.

I will take half a day off tomorrow.

If you're not feeling well, why don't you take a half day off?

If you're not feeling well today, why don't you take a half tea?

Could I take a half day off this Friday? I need to see a dentist.

Can I use half of it this Friday? I think I need to go to the dentist.

Business English conversation 10th post

If you are an office worker, you must! Business English expressions you need to know take a half day off !

How was it?


If there are some expressions you don't know today

If you have an expression you want to know, please leave a comment!💬

I'll ask the native speaker (👱🏻‍♂️ native speaker teacher) on behalf of the blog jigi!!


Berlitz Korea Blog Ziggy will come back next week with another useful business expression!

Then see you next week! 👋🏻

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