2023 Berlitz Ski Camp

The most perfect way to start the new year


Learn English/French in the morning and enjoy skiing and snowboarding in the afternoon!

Improve your English, this is a great opportunity to have fun
and experience adventure in Vancouver's snowy mountains!

Skiing has never been this view-tiful

At the famous Grouse mountain ski resort overlooking downtown Vancouver,

experience exciting and refreshing skiing!

Learn more

Snow, snow, and more snow!

Do you want to escape from your daily life and refreshen yourself in an exotic place?

Welcome to the perfect New Year in Winter Wonderland, where everything's white!

Better together

Everything is more fun when we're together.

Meet, communicate, and interact with Berlitz students from other countries!

You can also experience the warm welcome of homestay families and Canadian family culture vividly.

Teaching language is what we do

Are you tired of studying in the classroom? Our class begins as soon as you get on a plane to Canada.

Feel your language skill growing with hands-on practice in a free environment, whether in English or French.

All classes are conducted with the Berlitz Method, which boasts more than 145 years of history.


- Is the custodianship letter related to the Visa or the homestay?

:  The custodianship letter is related to the visa and is only applied to students under 19.

- Can students get documents from Berlitz Canada if necessary for VISA applications?

:  Yes. We will issue a LOA (Letter of Acceptance) to help the students get their visas.

- How many students per Instructor for language lessons?

:  Minimum of 4, maximum of 8 per class.

- Will there be any sort of certificate at the end of the program?

:  Yes. We will have a graduation ceremony on the last day of the program.

- What are the vaccine requirements and quarantine rules?

:  International visitors must have at least 2 shots of COVID-19 vaccines to enter Canada without any restrictions.

- Is the airport transfer optional?

:  Yes, the airport transfer is optional. But we strongly recommend purchasing it. Berlitz Vancouver will handle the airport transfer bookings.

Program Details

| Additional Fees |

  • Homestay fee for students under 16 years old - $60/week
  • Grouse Mountain Pass (unlimited lifts) - $250
  • Ski/Snowboard Lessons: 5 days - $550 / 10 days - $1,100 / 15 days - $1,650

learning english

Academic Program

Students develop English language skills for real situations using the Berlitz method. English Grammar is taught in a communicative manner with an emphasis on using the structures orally. Communicative methodology is also used to develop English Vocabulary, Idioms and Pronunciation. All students are placed in separate levels according to their Grammar and Conversation skills.

Classes are held Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 12:00pm

ski snowboard

Snowboard/Ski program

Grouse mountain is located in the mountains of North Shore and easily accessible by public transportation from Downtown Vancouver, Students will participate in the Grouse Mountain's Ski Zone camps. The students will safely explore the mountain in a fun and social environment while learning to ski or snowboard. The instructors will develop solid fundamentals and age appropriate strategies for practicing more advanced techniques with participants.

homestay Vancouver


Students will be placed in a warm, inviting family home, 35 – 45 minutes from Vancouver English Centre by public transportation. Three meals per day (including a bagged lunch to take to school) are provided.

travel transport


Students will be picked up at the Vancouver International Airport and dropped off at their homestays by our arrival services. If a flight is delayed or changed, the service will still be provided.