New York Times Package


Experience "real English" guaranteed by more than 300 years of history of Berlitz, the world's largest language school, and The New York Times, the world's largest daily newspaper.

The New York Times Package is a promotion that offers a New York Times subscription, New York Times inEducation subscription, and Berlitz CyberTeachers subscription at a certain discount through a collaboration between Berlitz and The New York Times.

  • The New York Times is the world's most beloved daily newspaper.

  • What is happening on the other side of the globe right now? Find out about issues around the world with credible articles updated daily. It guarantees a wider field of view and deeper thinking.

  • Experience the living history vividly. The New York Times, which celebrated its 171st anniversary this year, vividly delivers all the hot issues from the past to the present and even the future.

  • From economics, technology, and politics to fashion, art and life, you can experience a variety of fields. You can experience the wider world in depth.

  • Catch two rabbits, from common sense to current affairs as well as English. You can learn standard English, the official language of the world, as well as sophisticated advanced and professional English.

  • The New York Times education It's the most loved learning site for college students around the world.

  • Beyond the news, we provide a more professional study guide.

  • Choose a topic of your choice from 16 specialized topics and study it in more depth and detail.

The world's largest and the first foreign language school in Korea, and 143 Experience Berlitz with years of history online.

  • Reliable online foreign language learning method experienced by over 1 million people worldwide

  • Provides content related to 218 occupations in 20 key industries

  • Utilize various online contents and functions

  • Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year using computers, smartphones and tablets

  • Providing daily learning materials (E-Lessons) that meet the goals of students through testing and needs analysis

  • Check your learning progress and inspire your motivation to learn through the status of your classes

  • Maximize skill improvement through various self-learning functions (video, writing, dictionary, translation)

  • Languages other than English available (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian)

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Online self study

Based on the results of the Audit (pre-level test), out of 218 learning themes, you can figure out the best learning method for you. You can freely use customized content optimized according to your job and interests 24 hours a day.

Unlimited group lessons

Real-time access to learners from all over the world on 60 topics Open Discussion Try it. Live Classroom is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for you.

1:1 real-time coaching

If you have an urgent need for an English test or san English expression you are curious about, please use the Live chat. 365 days 24 Full-time native-speaking instructor 1:1 We respond to inquiries in real time through chat.

Phone class (Optional)

Enjoy 30-minute one-on-one conversation lessons per session over Skype or over the phone. More than 800 native speakers around the world After each class, we will thoroughly manage it through the Lesson Report. Also, If you need urgent help, you can also use the Instant Help service to call an instructor for an immediate response within 30 minutes.

Enjoy a variety of learning with Berlitz & The New York Times!

1. Customized learning to find and read various topics you want

2. Multi-faceted learning by reading news and speaking with live classes

3. Global specialized learning to read global issues and communicate with people around the world

4. Daily study without burden of a little bit every day

5. Proven learning backed by history and reputation

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