Overseas Program

In order to learn a foreign language effectively, it is very important not only to learn the language, but also to understand the culture.

Berlitz's BSA (Berlitz Study Abroad) program gives you the opportunity to experience local life first-hand and learn the language as well as the local culture. Several events included in the program provide insight into the local culture and people by exploring the traditions and history of the region.

| Program Features |

  • Study abroad program combining language learning with travel and experiential learning

  • Choice of Berlitz Centers in various cities around the world

  • Homogeneous according to the world-class Berlitz Method ® class

  • Berlitz carefully selected through Berlitz's recruitment and training system Classes with native speakers

  • Various programs such as 1:1/2:1/group/immersion education (Total Immersion ® ) can be selected

  • Various activity options

  • Scheduling can be adjusted according to personal preference